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I Turned my Passion into a Career! Here’s How

A lot of people think that you can’t make a career out of your passion for the arts. So many times, I’ve been told that I must choose between a “real job” and my love for painting, writing, and acting. But that’s not true!

A career in the Arts can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Not only will you get to express yourself creatively, but you’ll also get to work with other like-minded individuals and contribute your talents to the world. However, turning your passion for the arts into a career is no easy feat. It has taken me a lot of hard work, dedication, and networking. But if you’re up for the challenge, then read on to find out how you can turn your passion for the arts into a successful career like I have.

Perhaps you’re an artist who wants to sell your work, or maybe you’re a musician who wants to play shows and tour. There are also opportunities for those who want to work in the business side of the arts, such as marketing or event planning. No matter what your specific interests are, there are likely ways to turn them into a career. The best way to find out is to do some research and explore your options. Talk to others in the field and see what they recommend.

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 Find Your Niche


If you are certain that this is something that you would like to pursue as a career option. Here are my suggestions:

the first step to turning your passion into a career is finding your niche. What type of art are you most passionate about? Are you interested in painting, sculpture, photography, filmmaking, or writing? Once you know what area you want to pursue, you can begin to focus your efforts on perfecting your craft.

•         Develop your Skills

Once you’ve found your niche, it’s time to start honing your skills. If you want to be successful, you need to be talented and skilled at what you do. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a perfectionist; even artists who are considered “outsiders” or “naive” can be successful if they have developed their own unique style and approach to their work. However, it is important to continuously strive to improve your skills and learn new techniques so that you can evolve.

•         Get an Education

You may also want to consider pursuing an education in your chosen field. This can give you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. While it’s not necessary to get a degree to have a successful career in the arts, it can certainly help. In addition to the knowledge and skills, a college education will also give you access to a network of professionals who can help further your career. So start to research which colleges offer programs that align with your interests. If you’re not sure whether getting a degree is right for you, then consider taking some classes at a local community college or online courses.        

  • Build a Portfolio.

As an artist, your portfolio is one of your most important tools. This is what potential clients or employers will look at when considering whether to hire you, so it’s important that it reflects your best work. When creating your portfolio, make sure to include both finished pieces and sketches or unfinished work so that potential clients or employers can get a sense of your range as an artist.

•         Market Yourself

Once you’ve developed your skills and built up a strong portfolio, it’s time to start marketing yourself. The more exposure you can get for your work, the better!

Start a Blog: You can do this by creating a website or blog where you showcase your work. There are loads of people out there who are interested in reading about your craft, and if you can build up a following, you can make money from ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

Sell your Wares at Local Markets or online: If you’re a painter, sculptor, jeweler, or another type of visual artist, why not sell your wares at local markets? It’s a great way to get your name and work out there, and you might be surprised by how popular your pieces are!

Network, Network, Network

As with any other industry, networking is key if you want to have a successful career in the Creative Arts. Attend art galleries, open mics, and any other events where you can meet and connect with other creative individuals. You never know who you might meet and what opportunities might arise from these connections. Participate in local art fairs or exhibitions, or even just reach out to people in your personal network who might be interested in commissioning a piece from you. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram can also be great tools for networking as they allow you to connect with others in the arts community from all over the world.


If you are now getting started, or not sure that you want to go into the business full-time, here are some suggestions:

•                     Start a Side Hustle:

If you’re not quite ready to quit your day job, why not start a side hustle? There are loads of ways to make money from your art, whether it’s through selling paintings or sculptures online, performing at local venues, or teaching classes. And the best part is, you can do it on your own terms! You can work as much or as little as you want, and you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself.

•                     Freelancing:

Another great option if you’re not quite ready to jump into the world of self-employment is freelancing. There are loads of ways to make money as a freelancer, such as working as a graphic designer or web developer. The best part is that you can work from anywhere and set your own hours!

•                     Get a Job in the Arts

If you’re not interested in starting your own business or going freelance, there are plenty of jobs available in the Creative Arts field. You could work as an art gallery curator, an event planner for an arts organization, or even a marketing coordinator for a theater company. So, whatever your skills and interests may be, there’s sure to be a job in the arts that’s perfect for you!

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